10 best Minecraft gifts and toys

Give the excitement of Minecraft for the holiday.

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Minecraft is a classic game beloved by new gamers and longtime veterans. The combination of open-world exploration and a fully customizable environment has made it a popular choice for people of all ages.

Because of the game’s rich history, there’s a wealth of Minecraft gift ideas and merchandise. Choices are good, but when there are too many, it can be overwhelming. For someone not interested in Minecraft, the number of options makes it even harder.

If you’re shopping for a Minecraft fan this holiday season but are unsure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gift ideas.

J!NX Minecraft Baby Wolf Plush

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J!NX is a company that focuses on gaming-themed gifts and apparel. It focuses on popular titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and more. Wolves in Minecraft are neutral mobs that can be tamed. Once tamed, they follow the player and will attack any mobs that harm the player. They’ll also help keep skeletons away. This baby wolf plush is perfect for those who love to tame and breed massive armies of wolves. It’s eight inches tall with soft polyester Velboa fibers. Because it’s made by J!NX, it’s an officially licensed product. If the size is a problem, the store offers other plush toys, including a larger adult wolf plush.

Lego Minecraft The Blaze Bridge Building Kit

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Lego and Minecraft are spiritual siblings. They have the same premise with different executions. Lego has dozens of Minecraft sets available. They range from massive sets with thousands of pieces and prices to match to smaller, companion sets with only a hundred or so pieces. There are a lot of options for fans to pick from: Nether Portal sets, creature taming sets, village sets, building sets, and boss fight sets. Younger Minecraft fans will love the ability to take the game with them into the real world. Older fans will like the collecting aspects of a Lego set. Plus, older fans may still love the ability to play with some Legos. The Blaze Bridge set featured is only one of many. 

Minecraft All-Stars Mini Figure Six Pack

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This set is more for the older fans who enjoy collecting. These mini figurines make great desk decor for a beginning collection. The set comes with six figurines, each measuring less than an inch high. The set includes Alex with a cake, Skeleton on fire, a Creeper, Blaze on Neatherrack, and more. Because they’re so small, they might not be enjoyable toys for younger fans. 

Minecraft Creeper Plush Throw Blanket

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Most people like soft things. Blankets make great gifts for those looking to stay warm while mining for diamonds. This creeper-inspired blanket is a good size for a youngster’s bed or a sofa. It measures 53 inches by 53 inches with the iconic creeper face on the front. It’s made of plush, soft fleece and polyester.

Minecraft Pickaxe Coffee Mug

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This coffee mug is in the shape of a diamond block and pickaxe. Of all the Minecraft related mugs available, this is the most unique and creative option. It’s a massive mug, holding 18.5 fluid ounces of liquid. It comes in a decorative box for gifts. The ceramic mug is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed only. It also isn’t microwave safe. 

Minecraft Potion Bottle Light Color-Changing LED Lamp

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This lamp might be small at only seven inches tall, but it’s a charming and portable design. Shaped like a potion bottle from the game, it has eight color variations: white, cyan, orange, red, yellow, blue, baby blue, and green. Shake the lamp to change its color because buttons are simply not cool enough. This is a good lamp that will excite any fan, but it could make a good prop for cosplay or costumes too. The lamp is battery powered with two AAA batteries that aren’t included. 

Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

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The pickaxe is an iconic Minecraft tool. Used for mining everything from stone to diamonds to emeralds, the diamond pickaxe is a recognizable Minecraft symbol. Minecraft’s diamond sword is referenced in pop culture beyond just the game. Both tools are unique to the game. This transforming pickaxe can be rearranged into a diamond sword at the will of the owner. It is 17.38 inches in length. The toy transforms quickly, too. To turn the pickaxe into a sword, pull the top handle. To turn it back into a pickaxe, press the handle back into place. 

Minecraft Uno

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Minecraft Uno combines the chaotic card game with the beloved exploration title. This special version of Uno has multiple new features on top of the basic game for ultimate confusion and fun. The Minecraft version features special character-inspired cards, such as the creeper rule card that forces all players to draw three more cards from the pile. This Uno game helps bring families with multiple interests together for some explosive fun. 

Mojang Minecraft Stuffed Pig Pillow

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This plush might seem like an odd choice, but kids or other fans will love it. The pillow is 16 inches long and made of soft microfiber. The listing markets the item for children but adult fans would be more than happy to have an additional soft pillow to go with their Minecraft-themed decor. If a pig isn’t the best choice, the company also has a creeper that will fit the theme.

ThinkGeek Minecraft Light Up Wall Torch

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Torches keep hostile mobs away. A torch for a real-life room is bound to do the same. This wall torch is modeled after the Minecraft tool and will mount on the wall in the same way. It’s 11 inches in height, just the right size for a wall mount or desk lamp. It’s battery or USB powered. The corner folds to expose two keyhole mounting slots for wall mounting, but it doesn’t come with mounting hardware.