South Korean presidential candidate targets StarCraft fans with free map

Does it tell us something about his politics? Probably not.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Korean presidential candidate has released two custom StarCraft maps for download, to celebrate the game being made free-to-play in the most recent patch.

Moon Jae-in is the candidate for the Minjoo Party of Korea, also known as the Democratic Party of Korea, in the election to be held on May 9.

Jae-in has put out two maps for the original StarCraft game, imaginatively titled “Moonsters,’ with a version for four players and one version for eight.

The maps are only slightly changed from the game’s base maps. The first has a large amount of resources added to the middle, spelling out “1 Moon Jae-in” in Korean, while the other has resources simply in the shape of a one in the top corner.

Could this large-scale handout of free resources be an indication of his approach should he be elected president?

Well, Bloomberg reports that Jae-in has promised a 10 trillion won ($8.9 billion) stimulus package to support startups and small businesses. That’s sort of like minerals, right?

Jae-in announced the maps with a video on his official YouTube channel showing them in action, set to some heavy rock.

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