Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is so buggy it will take weeks of patches to fix it

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor needs more than the force to fix this problem.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn’t even out yet, but reports are already coming in that it’s struggling with performance issues. One of these sources is EA, confirming plans to patch the dark side out of Jedi: Survivor over several weeks.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches on April 27, but instead of excitement and wonder, this fact causes fans anxiety and stress. Early pre-launch reports are all over Jedi: Survivor for its poor optimization, tons of bugs and frame drops, and all-around lackluster performance. Once again, owners of low VRAM graphics cards are set for disappointment with a new game release, but heavy CPU limitations may be on the table as well.

In a surprising twist of events, it’s not just PC players that are suffering at the hands of bad optimization this time. The PlayStation 5 is reportedly also having a rough time with Jedi: Survivor. Extreme screen tearing and severe frame drops, particularly in cutscenes, are the main culprits ruining the experience.

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You might be willing to push these statements aside and deem them premature criticism, but it’s hard to adopt the same approach for EA’s own stance on the matter. Yes, EA has come out before launch to say that it will take several weeks of patches to fix the mess that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is shaping to be.

We’ve already grown accustomed to day-one patches, and Jedi: Survivor is getting one of those of course, but this goes much deeper. EA outright says that it will spend the “weeks ahead” delivering patches that will fix bugs and improve performance. It’s rare to see such blunt honesty from publishers, but we doubt it will make fans feel much better about the news.

Looks like the only wonder Jedi: Survivor will inspire in the fanbase is people wondering why the game wasn’t delayed. If EA knows it will take weeks to bring Jedi: Survivor to a playable state, why not do it behind closed doors and deliver a better product to the market? YouTuber Dr. Lupo has a short and sweet answer: Shareholders.

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