What is the Fuzzy Ooze in Splatoon 3 Return of the Mammalians?

Splatoon 3 oozes a good time.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo’s Splatoon series has triumphantly returned with the newest game in the franchise. Splatoon 3 brings in new multiplayer features, including different maps, weapons, skins, and modes for fans to experience. 

Alongside all these multiplayer updates, Nintendo made sure there were some decent single-player gameplay upgrades for fans to get immersed in.

That includes Agent 3’s battle against the mysterious new “Fuzzy Ooze”.

Image via Nintendo

What we know about Splatoon 3’s Fuzzy Ooze

The Fuzzy Ooze is a massive part of the single-player “Return of the Mammalians” experience. It takes hold of recurring characters and familiar enemies during the story, which is a core part of the latest Splatoon release this time around.

Players will jump right into the story of Return of the Mammalians, donning their “Hero suit” and venturing into the crater of Alterna to defeat the Octarian army.

The Octarians—the franchise’s iconic enemies—have developed a fashionable fuzz due to a fuzzy ooze that is spreading across the globe.

Anything or anyone who touches the ooze will be affected by its influence. 

The official description of the Splatoon gunk is: “Fuzzy Ooze pulsates like a life-form, but is not a living creature. It is covered with a brown furry substance, which may have a connection with the hairy Octarians.”

Players will take on the alias Agent 3, accompanied by the incredibly helpful Smallfry, who enjoys a bit of fuzz here and there. Players will use Smallfry to their advantage, removing as much of the fuzz as possible as they explore the world and tackle the Splatoon 3 story.

Players are tasked with figuring out who’s behind the ooze and what they’re doing.

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