The top 10 most formidable bosses in Remnant 2

Challenges await.
A major boss fight in Remnant 2
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Remnant 2 is a game noted for its difficulty. Some of the toughest areas to get past in this game are the boss fights—and it’s no wonder why; the devs conspired to create bosses that mess with our perception of what boss fights are in the first place.

So what are the toughest bosses you’ll face? This category must be judged by the learning curve it takes to learn to fight these bosses, the difficulty in a replay, and the ability to gimmick/cheese a boss for a weakness.

Hardest Remnant 2 bosses

10) Kaeula’s Shadow

Kaeula's Shadow, a giant moss-covered monster, crawls out from behind a statue of a goat-man. The entire area is a grey hue with bits of red shining through
It looks scarier than it is. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Keaula’s Shadow is a large beast with tentacles that relies on surprising its enemy. It is one of the earlier bosses the player faces. The area this fight takes place in is covered in water, and whenever a player stands in it they take a stamina loss to their rolls and movement.

This boss can also go aquatic, taking a dive under the water and surprising the player with attacks. 

Keaula’s Shadow is tough to dodge and tough to read, which makes it one of the more difficult boss battles in Remnant 2. However, once you focus on the tentacles with high-powered attacks, this boss’s options become limited. 

By making use of a damage-over-time mod like hot-shot, you can hit the boss once and continue to deal damage while fighting off its tentacles, making for a pretty easy kill—which is why it’s only number 10 on this slot.

9) Corrupted Ravager 

The Corrupted Ravager is a wolflike beast that rushes players down alongside minions. This often overwhelms players the first few times they fight it and leaves them scratching their heads as to how they can fight back. If you let your guard down for a second, the Corrupted Ravager will take you out. 

However, the fight against the Corrupted Ravager takes place in a large arena, providing players with many chances to escape. It also telegraphs its attack very clearly by revving, making it easy to recognize patterns. The Corrupted Ravager also moves pretty slowly, leaving it vulnerable while it’s on the attack. 

A lot of space to run away. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Simply equip yourself with a high-powered weapon with a high rate of fire, don’t be afraid to confront the Corrupted Ravager, and attack the ravager in his weak back and this is one of the easier fights in the game. 

8) The Red Prince 

The Red Prince sitting on his throne in Remnant 2.
Very Regal. Image via Gunfire Games

No, this isn’t an era of your favorite pop star. The Red Prince is an optional boss fight, but it’s nothing to scoff at. The Red Prince attacks at close range with a flaming sword that inflicts a burning status effect. It can also summon minions to give the players extra problems. 

Contrary to our advice with the Corrupted Ravager, try not to get too far away from the Red Prince, as doing so will trigger its teleport. This will bring the Red Prince right next to you, where it’ll hit you with a deadly four-hit attack. 

In its second phase, the Red Prince can let out a flaming whirlwind that can take players out.

However, the Red Prince has a vulnerable head that players can exploit when it misses an attack. Stay on the level of the area that this boss is not on and you shouldn’t have too hard of a time.

7) Faelin/Faerin

Faelin, the Imposter King, adorned in gold sneers down at you in front of a glorious gold and red banner backdrop in Remnant 2.
It doesn’t really matter which one you fight. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Faelin and Faerin are two separate bosses, but you only end up fighting one of them. Unlike the Tal Ratha fights, these two boss battles are only marginally different.

Much of the difficulty in this battle comes from the fact that it takes place in multiple stages. Faelin/Faerin switches form twice, often wearing down players and catching them off guard when they think they’ve won. This boss also sends out slow-moving orbs towards the player, which saps up the player’s stamina when they try to dodge. Though this boss has a vulnerable head like the Red Prince, the three-phased nature of this battle makes it creep up into being one of the harder fights in the game.

6) Tal Ratha/Tal Ratha (Metaphysical)

A purple tentacle beast with a glowing eye emerges from the dark and mist in Remnant 2.
Tall Ratha’s metaphysical manifestation is no less scary. Screenshot by Dot Esports

One of the strangest bosses in the game, the Tal Ratha can be two different fights depending on dialogue options. The player can fight either the physical form of Tal Ratha, or its metaphysical state of being. 

The Tal Ratha is known for its deceptively quick attacks. Its metaphysical variant can also teleport, making predicting its movement tough.

Because of the two different versions of this boss you can fight, the Tal Ratha is one of the hardest bosses to kill on a replay. 

5) Corrupter

A giant stone machine powers up, with a glowing red core, while holding four swords in Remnant 2.
Yikes. Screenshot via Dot Esports

About as intimidating as a boss’s name can get! The Corruptor comes as a double whammy, as the player has to go up against both the titular boss and its guardian. 

Most of the fight is against the guardian, a four-armed titan with tough-to-dodge attacks. While dealing with this, the corruptor will stand back and shoot lasers at the player.

What makes this boss battle extra tough is the guardian cannot be killed. The player has to disable the guardian (which is no small feat) and hit the much weaker Corruptor before the guardian regains its footing. It’s not enough to just do this once, however, and though the boss gets many tries, a single slipup can mean player death. The added frustration element of this feature brings the corruptor up into the top five.

4) Labyrinth Sentinel 

The player facing the Labyrinth Sentinel, a glowing purple cube on a tower in Remnant 2.
It’s like Kevin from Fortnite. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Much of the difficulty of the Labyrinth Sentinel boss battle comes from the sheer weirdness of it. Not only does the Labyrinth Sentinel stand out from any other boss in this game, but it’s also a unique and creative boss fight compared to any of the ones you’ve played before. 

For starters, the boss just looks like a giant glowing cube. It’s hard to even know where to start in fighting it. On top of that, it manifests itself in seven small cubes that can all attack the player. Some of them shoot balls of energy at you, some of them roll at you—and getting hit by a roll means instant death.

The strangest thing about the boss is how the pattern of combat plays out. Shooting one of the cubes enough times in its weak points disables the cube and turns it into a place where the player can hide. This effectively turns this boss battle into a puzzle more than a test of tech skill. A player has to strategize and learn which blocks are better to freeze. 

Though it’s mind-boggling at first glance, once one figures out the pattern, the fight becomes much easier. This makes the Labyrinth Sentinel one of the hardest fights (some say the hardest) in your first playthrough, but one of the easiest to replay.

3) Annihilation

A dragon. Also looks like Satan. Image via the Remnant 2 wiki

The final boss of the normal game, Annihilation is also one of the most difficult to defeat. A dragon-like boss, Annihilation attacks from both up close and afar. It tosses projectiles and uses an area attack by smashing the ground. It can also slam opponents from up close.

Flying around the stage, Annihilation is so large and fast that many players can’t fully process what’s happening before they’re destroyed. The sheer overwhelming nature of this boss fight can make it hard for players to get adjusted to the fight and recognize patterns, making them feel like they’re banging their head against the wall and learning nothing every fight. 

To make matters worse, Annihilation is a two-phase boss whose health completely replenishes between phases. Its attack pattern switches up in the second phase as well, throwing out many blows at once.

2) Sha’Hala

Hard to comprehend what this one even is. Image from the Remnant 2 wiki

The final boss of the N’erud world, this Lovecraftian beast is one of the largest creatures in Remnant 2. Sha’Hala is great at hiding its point and attacks players with a tracking laser that’s tough to dodge. This boss can attack you both while in front of you and from an unseen place. Its mixups are tough to dodge, making many playthroughs almost inevitable.

On top of this, Sha’Hala has one of the most mind-bending dynamics. Sha’Hala has two different fighting styles based on the items the player uses. This makes switching out loadouts and strategies to fight Sha’Hala almost useless. The only way out is to master the fight.

1) The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver Web in Remnant 2
Nope. Nope. Nope. Screenshot by Dot Esports

What could be scarier than the goddess of dreams? The Nightweaver appears as a large, feminine, nightmare of a beast that deals out quick and sneaky attacks. With minions, projectiles, and area attacks at her disposal, characters need to be quick with their reflexes to escape alive. 

To make matters worse, both phases of this fight take place in narrow corridors, giving the player few options for getting away.

This fight is also notorious for tilting players with the Nightweaver’s lifesteal grab; when it hits fifty percent health, the Nightweaver makes a near-impossible-to-dodge lunge that, if it connects, drains the player’s health and absorbs it into hers. This attack is tough to dodge. If one doesn’t know about it beforehand, it’s almost guaranteed to end a run. Oh yeah, and the Nightweaver does this twice, once per phase of the fight. 

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