Voice chat is coming back to Rocket League 

In a competitive game, communication can be the key to victory.

Image via Psyonix

Psyonix announced in an official blog post the return of the voice chat system to Rocket League, with an update scheduled for release on May 9.

Voice chat in Rocket League was removed in Update 2.04 last September, due to the feature causing many players to experience lag and other disruptions in-game. Since then, players have not had the option to use voice chat with newly-met comrades. When playing with friends, players could only use third-party chat apps to communicate. The system has since been improved, and should now better suit the needs of those who solo queue and need to talk to their teammates.

According to the blog post, “Voice Chat is enabled by default, so players will only need to plug in a headset to be ready to chat.” There will be two different voice channels available in the voice chat tab on players’ friend list: a group chat, and a team chat. Players are also able to switch between all channels from the main menu, or in the pause menu while in a match. 

There will be options to use Push-to-Talk, but Open Mic is the default. This option can be changed in the settings menu. Those players who prefer Push-to-Talk will need to bind the PTT button to something that suits them from the Controls tab. And, of course, players will have the option to mute other players.

The voice chat system will be back on Rocket League from May 9, with Psyonix aiming to release the update at 6pm CT. 

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