The bot-filled Rocket League Air Show 2 brings a fascinating change of pace to the arena

A boosted symphony of pedals, metal, and explosions.

Image via Psyonix

Have you ever been mesmerized by drone displays filled with impeccable choreography, dazzling lights, and flawless coordination? Well, replace them with rocket-powered cars, a little more explosions, and a very talented community and you get the Rocket League Air Show.

The year will mark the show’s second edition, with a successful run in February 2020 that you can watch right here.

Organized by Rocket League content creator Rocket Sledge, each car in the Rocket League Air Show is controlled using scripted movements made possible by RLBot, a program that enables custom bots in Rocket League. Each entrant in the Air Show will be tasked to code a cohesive, bot-filled performance, then editing it into a short, cinematic music video.

If you’re looking to polish your code writing skills, you can join the Air Show before the March 15 cutoff for a chance at the top prize of $1,000 and hundreds of thousands of eyes on your brilliant exhibition.

You can join the RLBot discord for more information or to seek help from the program’s veterans to craft your perfect ballet, instead of screaming haplessly at your out-of-step Octanes that aren’t quite your tempo.