Scrub Killa shows off with infinite carry before getting tackled by an admin in Salt Mine Underground

"That was the best challenge of the game, to be honest."

Photo by Todd Gutierrez via DreamHack

Scottish Rocket League pro Scrub Killa put on an impressive display of skill last night in the fifth event of Salt Mine Underground, executing an impeccable infinite carry to extend the series.

Leading 7-3, the victory would mark the end of an emphatic 3-0 victory in Scrub’s favor. The 17-year-old decided to mercilessly rub salt into his opponent ThO’s wound, however.

ThO was uninterested in challenging Scrub, instead choosing to stand in his opponent’s goal. Scrub eventually decided to score “an own goal somehow” to finish the game with aplomb but was stopped short by an admin.

Here’s the clip from Scrub’s perspective, showing his casualness at pulling off this display and his incredulous reaction to the admin interference.

This was a grudge match for Scrub against former Guild Esports teammate ThO. The Scottish pro was kicked from Guild after just one RLCS split and explained on his stream that the roster didn’t mesh well with one another.

Now playing for Team Singularity, Scrub and his new organization are in 10th place in Europe’s Fall Ranking of RLCS Season X and will be looking to challenge for a spot in the World Finals, which should take place in 2021.