Rocket League’s season one item series lands on Oct. 19 with the new Insidio Battle-Car

And "more than a dozen" new cosmetics.

Rocket League‘s first item series since going free-to-play is just days away. The aptly-named Season One Series will make its debut on Oct. 19 with a series of cosmetics and a new supercar, Psyonix announced today.

The Insidio offers a sporty, compact look that’s slightly reminiscent of the Guardian and Nemesis Battle-Cars. Psyonix hasn’t revealed what unique decals the new car will bring, but the Season One Series also has the Silencer Decal for the Insidio—similar to Octane’s Slimline pattern.

The upcoming series will add “more than a dozen” new cosmetics that range from wheels to Black Market decals and goal explosions. The Stipple Gait decal appears to give an ethereal, velvety finish, while the Buffy-Sugo explosion will show an “extremely animated” anime woman with bunny ears and a heart symbol (for some reason).

In addition to the animated items, the new series is bringing the Dire Wolf wheels: a lupine version of the classic Draco set but with a little less fire. Players who fancy flat, minimalistic design can find their favorite in the Shortquarter wheels’ black-and-gray design.

Players can unlock the items through the Item Shop, Blueprints, or peer-to-peer trading. The Item Shop’s stock rotates every 24 to 48 hours, so there’s a limited window of time to purchase the cosmetics when they do reach the shelves. For Blueprints, there are two alternatives: wait for a specific drop or purchase the actual schematics from other users.

If players decide to trade their items, accounts made after Rocket League went free-to-play need to purchase at least 500 Credits to be able to trade with their peers as a means to curb fraud (Legacy players are exempt from this restriction). Unlike Blueprints, items purchased in the shop are locked to the account that purchased them.