Rocket League’s season 2 kicks off on Dec. 9 with a new map and a musical theme

It's almost a week away.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League is going to get loud next week. The game’s season two is bringing a new arena, another Rocket Pass, the R3MX Battle-Car, and a musical headliner all starting on Dec 9.

The sleek R3MX is available as part of the Rocket Pass. As usual, players can grab three increasingly intricate variants of the new vehicle as they progress through the Pass. The core version is unlocked immediately upon purchasing the Premium Pass and the R3MX GXT is the reward for reaching level 70.

The rest of the rewards in the Rocket Pass also point toward this season’s theme. Items like the EQ-RL decal, Woofer wheels, and Light Show goal explosion are a nod to the underlying musical motif of this season.

Once season two kicks off, players can compete in a new arena called Neon Fields, a technological map that feels like the lovechild of a cyberpunk concert and Rocket Labs. The map will be available both in online playlists and private matches and will likely become a permanent addition to Rocket League.

All of these changes are coming with a killer soundtrack to match. Psyonix is adding four original songs to Rocket League, all tailor-made to the game by artist Kaskade. In addition to the new tunes, the next season will add a feature called Player Anthems, which lets users choose a specific song to play when they score a goal.

Neon Fields follows Rocket League‘s usual shape, but players who are looking for extra excitement can experiment with prototype arenas throughout the season. Maps from Rocket Labs “will be added periodically throughout season two as a casual LTM,” according to Psyonix, and fans can dive into experimental maps that bend the laws of Soccar—like octagonal rings or a reboot of Super Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars’ Utopia Arena.