Rocket League’s new Heatseeker mode now available in online matches

Get ready to see the ball curve at some insane speeds.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League’s newest game mode, Heatseeker, is now live across all platforms until April 20 at 11am CT. 

The new three-vs-three mode is like an intense version of Pong where the ball will only fly at the opposing team’s goal if you hit it and is constantly speeding up. 

Heatseeker basically puts two magnets in either goal that the ball is attracted to. This means that as soon as a player hits it, it’ll go flying toward the opposing team’s net at varying speeds. 

Like in Pong, every hit will speed up the ball, making it harder to react quickly to hits later in the match. If the ball hits the backboard, it will also fire in the opposite direction, so it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll score a goal just because you hit the heat-seeking ball. 

The first team to reach seven goals wins the match. You won’t need to worry about any overtime games hitting ludicrous speed. 

As of now, Heatseeker Mode isn’t available in private match lobbies. The next time it goes live or if it’s permanently added to the playlist game modes, it should become an option. This applies to a Ranked Heatseeker mode, too.

Players who jump into Rocket League while Heatseeker is live will automatically receive the Hypnoteks Player Banner and all games played in the new mode will give you the same amount of XP as Casual, Competitive, or Extra Mode playlist games.

Jump into Heatseeker before it goes offline on April 20 at 11am CT to grind Rocket Pass Six Tiers and enjoy the hijinx.