Rocket League’s March Update allows players to trade in their blueprints

Players might find a use for low-rarity items after all.

Image via Psyonix

It’s time to dust off your blueprints. Rocket League’s March Update will allow players to trade in their schematics to get better rarity items. The patch also added several relatively minor improvements to the inventory and default settings.

The March Update’s most significant feature is the new blueprint trade-in system. It functions similarly to Rocket League’s regular trade up system: players can exchange five blueprints to get another random schematic for an item of the next-highest rarity, as long as the blueprints are from the same series.

The update is good news for older players and former crate hoarders. The Blueprint Update premiered last December and overhauled Rocket League’s inventory system, switching out Crates, the game’s version of loot boxes, for Blueprints. In the transition, each crate was converted into a schematic for a specific item of the same series. Players who owned hundreds of crates will have plenty of blueprints to spare.

Black Market rarity items are also part of the new system. Players can expend five exotic blueprints to gain the schematic for a black market decal or goal explosion. They come with a hefty price tag, however: crafting a Black Market blueprint will cost at least 2,000 Credits (approximately $20 if purchased in bulk), and depending on the specific item, it may be easier to trade it with another player for a considerably cheaper price range.

To make it easier to sort through items, Psyonix will fix inventory filters with the patch. Setting a filter will render it active across all categories until exiting the inventory. Previously, they would deactivate when ruffling through groups — for example, moving from wheels to toppers.

The company is also tweaking basic default settings. The change is aimed at making the game more beginner-friendly by increasing camera distance and reducing camera shake. The adjustment will open the field of view slightly and can increase situational awareness in matches.

The March Update is the final update for Mac and Linux players. Psyonix revealed it was discontinuing online support for the two platforms, effectively forcing players into offline mode. Rocket League’s support page lists the necessary information for a refund, as well as possible tools to run the Windows copy of the game in other computer platforms.