Rocket League’s competitive season 13 will give wheels as a reward

The season ends on March 25.

Image via Psyonix

Players who want to grind their season rewards still have a month to get there.

Psyonix revealed today that Rocket League’s competitive season 13 will end on March 25—and its successor kicks off on the same day. The company also shared the upcoming competitive rewards: sets of wheels with specific colors based on a player’s final rank. The items also get increasingly flashier as players progress through the ranks.

The two first ranks, Bronze and Silver, will receive a set of wheels styled after the rank’s colors. Gold players will get a golden set of wheels to match their placement, with additional inlays that appear to glow.

Platinum wheels take on a shade of teal or turquoise, with illuminated inlays in light blue—the rank’s original color. Diamond wheels are dyed cobalt and Champions will get their rewards in purple.

Players who are skilled enough to reach Grand Champion will get a flashy set of red wheels to set them apart from the crowd and an in-game title to display on their banners that varies for each game mode (soccar, dropshot, hoops, rumble, and snow day). Players get all the rewards for lower levels and a Grand Champion will have access to each set of wheels.

To qualify for the rewards, players must reach a rank and achieve 10 wins while in that position. A player who reaches Diamond and drops to Platinum after five wins will have to climb their way to Diamond again before being eligible for the reward. But dropping a rank doesn’t reset the progress.

March 25 will also usher in competitive season 14 and marks the final day of Rocket Pass 5. But there’s plenty of time to complete the pass and grind for the rank rewards until then.