Rocket League player confirmed safe after reporting harrowing threats

Organization staff eased fan concerns.

Image via Psyonix

Dignitas Rocket League player ApparentlyJack revealed yesterday that he was followed home and had his life threatened while staying in Bali. Hours after the alleged incident, Dignitas’ Rocket League team manager confirmed that the player remains safe following the harrowing experience.

Following the Rocket League World Championship, ApparentlyJack, along with several other Rocket League players, participated in a group trip to Bali, Indonesia. Several days into the vacation, ApparentlyJack claimed that the tourist destination turned into a nightmare.

“This night could not get any worse,” the 18-year-old pro wrote. “After being told I’ll be followed home and killed three times, or they will find me and kill me tomorrow I am LOCKED OUT of my air bnb man what is this. I cut myself trying to climb this wall because my sketchy ass taxi won’t leave me. So stupid.”

One hour after tweeting about the incident, ApparentlyJack updated his followers to say that he was safe from any immediate threat. Leaving many fans and even members of Dignitas in the dark after reporting a serious threat, ApparentJack’s tweet elicited strong concern from many members of the Rocket League community.

Dignitas team manager Caleb Whitaker wrote that he immediately reached out to ApparentlyJack’s family and friends to ensure that he was still alive, lamenting “nothing like finding out your player is in danger across the globe via a tweet.” Whitaker also confirmed that the English Rocket League pro was safe in the replies to his initial tweet, easing the concerns of fans.

While not much is known about the situation that placed ApparentlyJack in the way of potential danger, it has been confirmed by the player himself and Dignitas staff that he is clear of any threat.