Psyonix previews Rocket Pass 6 rewards

The grind is about to reset.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League players won’t have to wait much longer for a new Rocket Pass to grind. Rocket Pass 6 will release on March 25, Psyonix announced today.

With a cybernetic theme and over 70 tiers of rewards, players will have a lot of content to try to claim while playing online matches. Psyonix is adding dozens of new items for both premium and free-to-play users. 

Rocket Pass 6 is going to focus on the newest car, the Ronin, and pushing an overall flair for all that is science-fiction. As you play matches and grind tiers, you’ll receive things like the HoloData Boost and UFO Engine Audio, which will make your car seem like it’s out of this world. 

As always, there are 70 tiers for both the free-to-play pass and the premium pass, totaling 140 tiers of rewards for players who end up purchasing the premium option. Premium users will also receive an initial 50-percent XP bonus and immediately unlock the new Ronin model to use in matches. 

For players who want to go even further beyond, you can earn special rewards once you hit Tier 70, including special edition items of select Rocket Pass rewards. 

The first week of Rocket Pass Challenges have also been revealed, with each requiring players to hop online and battle against other teams with friends or solo. Here are the opening challenges that you’ll need to overcome to begin the Rocket Pass grind. 

Free-To-Play Challenges

  • First Steps
    • Gain one XP level
  • Keepin’ It Casual
    • Get 20 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Online Matches
  • Hey, I’m Doing it!
    • Use “I got it!” or “Defending…” Quick Chats in 10 Online Matches

Premium Challenges

  • New Ride
    • Play three Online Matches with any version of the Ronin
  • Extravagant
    • Play five Online Matches in any Extra Modes Playlist
  • Shoot Your Shots
    • Accumulate 50 Shots in any Online Playlist

Rocket Pass 6 will roll out on March 25 and stick around until July 15, so you have plenty of time to grind tiers and get all of the sci-fi rewards you want out of the game.