Psyonix is supporting 10 community tournaments this summer

Psyonix is backing the community.

Image via Psyonix

With no plans to launch its own initiative to fill the gap between events, Psyonix is instead supporting 10 different community Rocket League tournaments throughout June and July to fill the dead period.

The developer is turning to some of the best Rocket League tournament organizers and community members around the world and is giving them over $300,000 in support and partnerships. 

The goal of this initiative, Psyonix said, is to invest back into the community in a time where there is nothing but community-run events. In its own words, the developer wants to “make sure these tournaments were fun and gave both professionals and up-and-comers the chance to rev their engines.”

“We know that Rocket League and Rocket League Esports both have incredibly passionate and amazing communities and we wanted to give back to those that continue to support competition and fandom around the globe,”  Psyonix said.

All 10 events are being put on by organizations or individuals that Psyonix said it feels can provide a fun and competitive atmosphere and deserve an additional boost. Here is a full list of each event, along with a list of dates for those that already have them. 

  • Codename: COVERT – June 8 to 14
  • The Brawl 10K – June 15 to 20
  • The Eurocup 10K – June 9 to June 14
  • Salt Mine 2 – TBD
  • LATAM Championship – June 20 to July 5
  • RLO Grand Slam – June 23 to 28
  • Summer Shuffle – July 7 to 12 (Qualifiers TBD)
  • Summer Grand Prix – July 13 to 19
  • The Kickoff – June 27 to July 12
  • CCA Summer Series –  June 4 to 7 (Main Event TBD)

More details about each event will be announced as we get closer to their launch, but most of them already have qualifier and playoff dates set.