Psyonix details new tournament format for RLCS X Spring Split

Upcoming Rocket League events will have a different look.

Image via Psyonix

The Rocket League Championship Series X is approaching the finish line with teams racing toward the upcoming RLCS X Spring Split. 

Much like with the Fall and Winter Splits, the Spring Split will change the RLCS format slightly, swapping from the Winter Split’s double-elimination format to a 20-team blend of three different styles—though the event will still be online and regional.

The event will start with a round-robin group stage, featuring four groups of five teams with the last-placed squad being eliminated at the end of day one. The 16 remaining teams will then move into a double-elimination bracket called the Knockout Gauntlet, which is split between an upper and lower bracket. 

The top two seeds from each group will be placed in the upper bracket, while the bottom two seeds that survived the opening round will enter the lower bracket.

In total, the eight teams that survive will qualify for the final single-elimination bracket on day three, with the winner being crowned the regional champion. 

As with previous RLCX events, each region will have its own Major, though they’ll function as half versions of the regional events. The top 10 teams in each region (nine top points earners and one wildcard from RLCS: The Grid) will make the cut. As a result, the point and prizing distribution has changed for both the regional events and Majors. 

Regional event point and prizing

  • First place: 451 points, $30,000
  • Second place: 350 points, $15,000
  • T-third: 280 points each, $8,000 each
  • T-fifth: 210 points each, $5,000 each
  • T-ninth: 150 points each, $2,000 each
  • T-13th: 110 points each, $1,500 each
  • T-17th: 70 points each, $1,250 each

Major point and prizing

  • First place: 902 points, $36,000
  • Second place: 700 points, $18,000
  • T-third: 560 points each, $10,000 each
  • T-fifth: 420 points each, $5,000 each
  • T-ninth: 300 points each, $3,000 each

Because there are so many matches, teams will be streaming their day zero matches, which consist of the first three rounds of the round-robin stage. The streams will then be centralized on the official Rocket League channels starting with day one. 

Each region will have three regional events over the next two months, starting with Europe’s first run on March 11 and leading into the EU Major on May 15. North America’s regionals start on March 18 and the Major will begin on May 22. 

Some updates have also been made to RLCS: The Grid, including the return of The Grid: Overtime show and a new tournament format. 

  • The Grid is now a 16-team, single round-robin “League Play” format.
  • Each team will play three matches each day over the course of five days.
  • The top six teams from League Play will advance to The Grid Playoffs.
  • The Grid Playoffs are a Page Playoff Bracket and will be played out over one day.

More information about the Spring Split, including broadcast details and full schedules, will be shared soon. 

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