New limited-time Boomer Mode coming to Rocket League tomorrow

It’s not an “OK boomer” joke.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League’s latest limited-time mode goes live tomorrow. Players will be able to participate in a friendly game of Boomer Ball. This will be the third limited-time mode to be featured during the Modes of May event. 

Boomer Ball plays with mutators to put a high-flying, lightning-fast twist on three-vs-three soccer. A player’s boost amount is unlimited and 1.5x stronger than a typical boost. That means it’ll launch you farther and faster than the standard boost you’re used to. 

The ball speed is set to super fast, bounciness is greatly increased, and ball physics are super light. Touch the ball and see just how far and fast you can launch it. Other than that, standard soccer rules apply. 

You could say this mode has a more a Gen Z vibe, though, with all the features set to crazy high speeds and heights. The Boomer Ball mode was popularized by Rocket League‘s creative community and added to the Modes of May event. 

Until now, players could participate in the Dropshot Rumble and Beach Ball modes. Besides Boomer Ball, there will be a Heatseeker mode from May 21 to 26.

Rocket League fans can enjoy Boomer Ball from tomorrow to Monday, May 18.