New Air Strike Goal Explosion in Rocket League blows up nearby vehicles

Score in style with the new animation.

Image via Psyonix

The new Air Strike Goal Explosion in Rocket League adds an exciting animation to goals and destroys nearby vehicles. 

One player shared a clip yesterday of the new animation destroying his vehicle when playing in a private match. They scored goals, stayed near the explosion, and witnessed their car blow up multiple times. 

The explosion doesn’t impact gameplay since it occurs after a goal is scored, but it’s an excellent way to rub in a goal. Other players will be forced to watch their car explode after failing to stop you from scoring a goal. 

Players can get the Air Strike Goal Explosion from blueprints. After online matches, players have a chance of receiving a blueprint of items they can build. The Air Strike Goal Explosion was introduced in Rocket League’s Season Two Item Series as a blueprint. 

The Season Two Item Series also includes new car models, decals, wheels, and boosts ranging in from Rare to Black Market rarity. The Air Strike Goal Explosion is a Black Market item, so it will be tough to unlock. 

Unlucky Rocket League players unable to get the animation as a blueprint will likely be able to purchase it eventually in the item shop. Players can also trade blueprints with other players on the same platform, so check with your friends if they want to exchange the exciting new goal explosion.