Is Rocket League still available on Steam?

New players are out of luck.

Screengrba via Psyonix

Rocket League went free-to-play on Sept. 24, and with that massive update came some equally massive changes to how players can play the game. 

Along with cross-progression between platforms and a single set of dates for the game’s Competitive Seasons, Competitive Tournaments, and the Rocket Pass, the game was also removed from the Steam Store. 

That doesn’t mean the game has been completely removed from Steam, just that new players who want to get the game won’t be able to do so through that specific platform. If you previously purchased Rocket League on Steam, you can still download and play the game like you always have with no issues. 

The Steam version of Rocket League will also be fully supported moving forward, so if you don’t want to make the jump to the Epic Games Store, you won’t need to if you already own the game. 

For new players on PC who want to play Rocket League, you will need to download it on the Epic Games Store. This wasn’t a surprising move considering Epic purchased Psyonix last May and has been slowly pushing towards this moment since doing so. Starting with removing DLC from Steam last December and other, smaller changes before the free-to-play launch.

If you do want to swap to a new platform, you can link your Epic Games, Microsoft, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Nintendo accounts together and select which one is your primary account. That account will be used as your default across all platforms, which means you will have access to its inventory and profile no matter where you play.