How to speed flip in Rocket League

Learn how you can speed flip to win games in Rocket League.

Image via Psyonix

There are several game elements you need to consider when playing Rocket League. This includes the speed of your Battle-Cars, proper passing with teammates, defending your goal against your opponent, and the different moves you can do to score goals, which is the main winning condition of the game.

And one move you can use to set up a goal is called the speed flip. Speed flipping in Rocket League is the act of your car moving forward while flipping. This includes straightforward, side, and diagonal flipping. Through speed flipping, you can harness enough momentum to push the ball forward at a certain distance, allowing the boost to keep your car’s nose as the main point to hit the ball.

But before doing a speed flip, you should first know how to flip cancel. Flip canceling is when you actually execute a front flip but you cancel the animation. You can do this by touching your analog stick forward and when you speed up, push it again. But during the moment your car is moving forward, pull your analog stick so it will eventually land on its wheels while being flipped.

Once you are able to do a flip cancel, you can now perform a speed flip. As soon as your car falls on the ground, navigate your analog stick to the left or right. This will allow your car to move in certain directions while still moving forward thanks to the boost that you have. Finally, pull that analog stick to put your vehicle on the ground, eventually pushing the ball in your targeted direction.

But aside from the standard speed flip, you can also use the power slide mechanic to take your speed flipping to another level. Instead of the usual flip cancel, you can add a diagonal left flip, which can even power up the boost of your car and at the same time create enough space to gain momentum while having more control of your movement.

Hold the power slide button and your left analog stick in an upper right direction while you are trying to flip cancel. Once that’s done, just do the steps on how you can do the speed flip, but remember to lean toward the right side when you power slide to keep the flip on the left.