How to dribble in Rocket League

Dribbling can open many other doors.

Image via Psyonix

If you’re a casual Rocket League player, you can get away by learning the basics mechanics of the game. Rocket League is more complex than it looks, however, and there are many advanced tricks that you’ll need to master to climb higher in the game’s ranked mode.

From using your boost to navigate in the air to learn the formations, there will always be something new to learn in Rocket League. From the moment you start playing Rocket League, you’ll be focusing on hitting the ball and navigating around to find the best shooting angle, but it’s also impossible to carry the ball on top of your car.

Though it sounds strange due to the overall sensitivity of the ball, it becomes easier with practice. Countering dribbling can look easy at first, but the chances are you’ll catch your opponents off guard, and you can easily sneak in a score before they can realize what you’re up to.

Dribbling is an excellent way to control the ball since it’ll make it more predictable. Once you combine dribbling with other moves with the help of your teammates, you’ll start seeing its true potential as a setup move.

To start dribbling in Rocket League, you’ll need to:

  • Approach the ball and slowly start using your boost to tap the ball
  • Once you start tapping, continue to do so with slight boosts
    • Make sure not to use too much boost since it’ll send the ball playing
  • Keep your camera focused on the white ring below you and not the ball
    • That’ll make it easier to continue dribbling
    • Keep your car in the middle of the ring and the ball will continue to stay on top of you

If you’re looking to master dribbling, consider turning off the ball camera setting since it makes it harder to dribble. Once you get a steady camera, it’ll be easier to dribble. Don’t get discouraged if you send the ball flying in your first try. Dribbling requires practice and you should also check out visual guides on YouTube to understand the whole process.

Watch a couple of dribbling videos and take your lessons to practice mode before heading into a real game.