How much is Alpha Boost in Rocket League?

In games, the rarer the item, the more expensive it could be.

Screengrab via Reddit

In video games, items such as cosmetics and game skins have been an integral part of growing the full gamer experience of players. Having these items may not just improve something aesthetically but can also define the prestige it can give to its holder.

In Rocket League, the Alpha Boost could be considered as the Holy Grail of all skins in the game. Visually speaking, it’s really not that outstanding compared to other skins that are more vibrant and colorful. The Alpha Boost presents a design that can be simply compared to an ordinary fire boost seen on monster trucks. But the prestige it holds is huge.

The Alpha Boost got its name because of how it was introduced to the game. Its original name is the “Gold Rush” boost, but it became a reward to those who took part in Rocket League’s alpha testing, gaining the name “Alpha Boost” from the community. And it wasn’t re-released after the testing phase, so its rarity has been very limited.

And with that, its price has had to keep up with its rarity. At time of writing, the Alpha Boost is worth 700,000 to 1 million credits. In real value, these credits cost around $5,000 to $7,000. And what makes it harder to be purchased is the fact that it is only available via trading.

The demand for the item is still strong, especially if it won’t be re-released again until Psyonix makes an announcement of possibly bringing it back. But a lot of conditions should be considered before doing this since it may just drastically affect the current prestige Alpha Boost is carrying in Rocket League.