Fans have started a petition to get the Tesla Cybertruck into Rocket League


Screengrab via Psyonix

While the rest of the internet is split on Tesla’s newly revealed Cybertruck, Rocket League fans have made up their minds about the vehicle and are joining forces to have it added to the game.

Fans of the game created a petition on to get the Cybertruck added to Rocket League. And although it’s highly unlikely fans will see the Tesla vehicle on the field any time soon, stranger vehicles have been added to the game over time. There are cars like the Batmobile and even the Ghostbuster vehicle that have been added to players’ arsenals over Rocket League’s long life cycle.

This isn’t the first time though that the Cybertruck has been linked with Rocket League. One talented modder by the name of Platypun recently modded the car into the game, albeit a bit crudely.

It’ll be interesting to see though if the interest sticks of wavers. The Cybertruck has become a popular internet meme at the moment following the supposed shatterproof class on the car breaking during an on-stage presentation.

The petition is only asking for 1,000 signatures, but the decision is ultimately up to both the Rocket League developer and Tesla regardless of how many fans are eager to test drive the truck in-game.

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