Does Rocket League have voice chat?

Talking with your teammates is easy to do, but not across all platforms.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League has changed a lot since launching in 2015, including what options players have to communicate with each other in-game. 

With the latest free-to-play update opening the competition to thousands of new players who have never touched Rocket League before, it is important they know how to best coordinate with their teammates while chasing down the ball. 

For players who don’t use Discord to communicate with their team, there are multiple options available to chat provided directly through the Rocket League client, though there are some basic functions that won’t work across all platforms. 

First, if you are in a party with your friends, you can use the Party Chat to text chat to your friends on all platforms. This means your messages will pop up to everyone in your party, even if some of you are playing on PC and others are on console. 

Cross-platform voice chat is not available at the moment, meaning you are stuck chatting to players on your specific platform, for example, Xbox players can only chat with Xbox players using voice chat.

During a match, only the Quick Chat options can be seen by everyone and only players on your specific platform will see typed in-game messages. Pressing the U key on PC will allow you to access Party Chat while playing the game. 

Using Discord or another third-party chat service is still your best bet to make sure everyone in your party can communicate regardless of platform.