All Rocket League level titles

Know thy titles.

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Climbing up the ranked ladder isn’t the only way to progress in Rocket League. Even if you aren’t a competitive player, you’ll gain XP after each match, which will count toward your player level.

XP can be earned through online matches across all game modes outside of private matches. Playing online matches is one of the best ways to earn XP and lets players finish challenges for an extra boost, making it a nice incentive to keep players connected to the Rocket League servers.

Throughout your Rocket League career, you’ll unlock many titles and you can pick the best one you like to feature on your profile.

Here are all the Rocket League level titles and corresponding XP values, according to the wiki.

TitleUnlock LevelTotal XP required
Elite Challenger2003,790,000
Supreme Rival5009,790,000
Transcendent Master60011,790,000
Legendary Nemesis70013,790,000
Ultimate Baller80015,790,000
Rocketeer Elite90017,790,000
Rocket Demigod100019,790,000

Rocket Pass Titles

Alongside player levels, you’ll also unlock Rocket Pass Titles as you level up your Rocket Pass. These titles can vary on the active Rocket League season, meaning you’ll always have a new and different title to look forward to.

TitleRocket PassPremium
CarpoolerSeason OneNo
Rocket RookieSeason OneNo
Free SpiritSeason OneNo
PasstronautSeason OneNo
Fifth WheelSeason OneYes
Gear ShifterSeason OneYes
ThrowbackSeason OneYes
Cross-PlatformerSeason OneYes
Supersonic AcrobaticSeason OneYes
RenegadeSeason OneYes
DivaSeason TwoYes
The EntertainerSeason TwoYes
The ConductorSeason TwoYes
Prospect EliteSeason TwoNo
BeatseekerSeason TwoYes
Rockin’ RollerSeason TwoYes
HeadlinerSeason TwoYes
Tire ChangerSeason ThreeNo
Granny ShifterSeason ThreeNo
PowertrainerSeason ThreeNo
Hairpin HeroSeason ThreeYes
Victory LapperSeason ThreeYes
SlipstreamerSeason ThreeYes
DownforcerSeason ThreeYes
Crew ChiefSeason ThreeYes
Apex PredatorSeason ThreeYes
LunkheadSeason FourNo
Car CowboySeason FourNo
Ace in the holeSeason FourNo
Boost BanditSeason FourYes
The SheriffSeason FourYes
OutriderSeason FourYes
YellowbellySeason FourYes
SawbonesSeason FourYes
WantedSeason FourYes

Rocket League also had a plethora of titles available through the Rocket Pass before the game became free-to-play, which are listed on the Wiki page. Although players can’t obtain them anymore, you might stumble into players who have them on during a match.