A esports shop is coming in Rocket League’s next update

It'll launch next week.

A new Rocket League update is set to go live on April 16 for all platforms that will bring a new “Esports Shop” to the in-game store.

The shop will feature items representing the teams in the Rocket League esports scene. More information on the initial partners and items expected will be revealed next week.

The shop is likely to follow the model of other stores created by games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in which players can purchase cosmetic items based off their favorite esports teams and players.

We could likely see team flags, as well as potential goal celebrations in the store in the future.

Alongside the Esports Shop, the Rocket Pass 3 and Challenge System will also be going live a day later on April 17. A brand-new toolset for players to edit their replaces by adding additional special effects will come alongside the new “Replay FX” update.

Quality of life changes, additional flags, and HDR support are also minor changes that will come with the latest update in a couple of weeks.