How to get Anguish in Remnant 2

A weapon with some hefty requirements to unlock it.

Anguish weapon in Remnant 2
Anguish packs a punch. Image via Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 is known for its hidden mechanics and mysteries that players need to work out to solve, especially for those who want to unlock every item. For those trying to obtain the fabled Anguish weapon, the secret has been solved.

You will need to go out of your way to grab Anguish, and it’s a weapon you won’t be able to grab with the preexisting character. Instead, you’ll have to start a new game and work through the entire game to find it. Here’s what you need to know about how you can get Anguish in Remnant 2.

How to unlock Anguish in Remnant 2

The player standing in front of an open gate in Remnant 2.
The Ethereal Manor is key to unlocking Anguish. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can unlock Anguish on a new Remnant 2 character, and you need to complete the campaign with them. This is the first of many steps of getting Anguish, but it’s a big one. You’ll need to work your way to right up until the end of the campaign, shortly after you arrive on Root Earth.

You won’t have to defeat the final boss, but you need to unlock this final area and reach the first checkpoint shortly after you arrive. It is important to note that your character can never die working their way through the campaign. If they die, start over, as you won’t be able to unlock Anguish.

After you’ve completed this section, things start to become a bit more difficult, and you’ll have to do some backtracking through your Remnant 2‘s Adventure Mode. These are the steps you need to follow, and it does require a lot of rerolling of your Adventure Mode.

Once you reach the checkpoint after beating the first mini-boss in Root Earth, go to Ward 13 and roll your Adventure Mode for Losomn. You need to get the Ethereal Manor to spawn inside a location on fire and start the puzzle. However, when you arrive, use Liquid Escape to return to Ward 13.

Where to find the Dran in Ward 13 in Remnant 2.
The Dran in Ward 13. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Find the Dran in Ward 13. He should appear north of Brabus, next to a trash can. Speak with the Dran, and he’ll tell you, “Wake up!”

Where to find the Dran in the Red Throne.
The Dran in the Red Throne location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After he yells at you, return to Ward 13 and reroll your Adventure Mode. This time, you want to go to Yaesha and try to get a roll of the Red Throne. This should be the first area you unlock for it, and you can find a Dran tucked away in the back, close to the throne.

Where to find the Dran in the Labyrinth.
The Dran in the Labyrinth location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Next, we’re making our way to the Labyrinth. This can be found in your campaign, which is why you need to make sure your character has unlocked every part of the game. You can find the Dran in the Fractured Ingress, and he’s looking over the edge.

Where to find the Dran in the Forgotten Prison.
The Dran in the Forgotten Prison location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After we’ve grabbed the Dran in the Labyrinth, it’s time to find the one in N’Erud Tal Ratha in the Adventure Mode. You need to get the Forgotten Prison to roll and find the Dran inside a pod next to the checkpoint in Tal’Ratha’s Refuge.

Root Earth Dran location in Remnant 2
The Dran at the Root Earth location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s time to return to Root Earth in your Remnant 2 campaign and speak with the Dran at this location. You can find the Dran near a fence, next to a checkpoint.

Tormented Asylum Dran location in Remnant 2
The Dran at the Tormented Asylum location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Finally, we return to Losomn and aim to get the Nightweaver to spawn, so we need to make sure the Tormented Asylum appears in the Adventure Mode. You must speak with Nimue to send you to the Nightweaver’s hunting grounds and teleport you to the Tormented Asylum. When you arrive at the Tormented Asylum, the Dran will appear in the corner of the entrance. Rather than teleport you, he gives you an item called Dran’s Dream.

You then use Dran’s Dream to teleport you to a new location, and you’ll be standing over a material called Occult Vessel. You can now bring that back to McCabe, and they will craft it to make the Anguish for your Remnant 2 character.

The Anguish is a handgun with a starting damage of 17.5, RPs of 1.7, and a magazine of five. It has incredibly high accuracy, with an ideal range of 18 meters, a falloff range of 35 meters, and a baseline critical chance of five percent. It also comes with an ability called Loath The Weak, which, when activated, “Rapidly fires volatile needles that explode after 1.5 seconds, and deals 30 explosive damage.”


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