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A knotted ring in Remnant 2 sits on a black background.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best rings in Remnant 2

Put a ring on it.

There are well over a hundred rings in Remnant 2, but not all of them are created equal.

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You can come across the more useful rings by yourself, sure, but if you want an easier time knowing which rings you should be grinding for, you’ll want to read the rest of our list for the best rings in Remnant 2.

The best rings in Remnant 2, ranked

10) Deep Pocket Ring

The Deep Pocket Ring in Remnant 2.
We can all use some extra ammo. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

In Remnant 2, this ring delivers a subtle yet crucial edge—bumping up your ammo reserves by a solid 25 percent. It’s a game-changer, especially for players rocking an aggressive playstyle or those who have a penchant for unloading rounds with rifles.

Our top tip? Slap on this ring when you’re diving into boss fights. It’s the ace up your sleeve to steer clear of those sticky situations where you’re left high and dry on ammo. The Deep Pocket Ring is your ticket to bullet abundance, and you can snag it from N’Erud in the dungeon leading to Timeless Horizon.

9) Fae Warrior Ring

The Fae Warrior Ring in Remnant 2.
Melee combat lovers, unite. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

Fae Warrior Ring lives up to its warrior connotation as the best ring for Remnant 2 melee builds. Fae Warrior Ring increases the wearer’s Melee Damage by 15 percent. If players prefer to wield swords and hammers rather than pistols or sniper rifles in a fight, they’ll want to find Fae Warrior Ring.

Like most of the best rings in Remnant 2, the ring is a random enemy drop. Players must charge through the enemy hordes of Losomn if they hope to find this strange green ring.

8) Bisected Ring

The Bisected Ring in Remnant 2.
There’s a give-and-take with this one. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

Are you not worried about incoming damage for whatever reason? Then you should probably have the Bisected Ring on your hands. It hooks you up with endless stamina, but there’s a catch—a 25 percent hike in all the damage you take. This ring is gold if you’re swinging around a stamina-hungry weapon like the World’s Edge, but just a heads-up, you better be rocking some top-notch armor to balance out the extra damage you’ll be soaking up.

Either that, or you’re super secure in your dodge-rolling abilities. If you never get touched by the enemy’s attacks, you don’t need to be worried about the increased incoming damage.

The Bisected Ring can be found during the Labyrinth Backrooms Event when going after the Archon Archetype when you watch a particular cutscene, cross a bridge, get to the Corrupted Door, and pick up the ring near a Strange Box.

7) Stone of Malevolence

The Stone of Malevolence ring in Remnant 2.
Nerfed, but still beautiful. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

If we’re talking about the pre-nerf era, this ring would definitely be the best one on this list. Since the bugfix for this ring, the Stone of Malevolence has taken a bit of a nosedive in reputation. However, it’s not all doom and gloom—now, it cranks out a cool 15 percent extra Mod Power with Elemental damage, still landing it a well-deserved spot on this list.

The Stone of Malevolence remains a stellar ring, especially for the Firestorm build, holding its ground as formidable as ever. But, for those relying on this ring to juice up Mod Power while their Mod was in action for other Weapon Mod builds, the bugfix threw a bit of a wrench into the works, prompting a need for some strategic adjustments.

The Soul Link ring in Remnant 2.
Feeling bloodthirsty? Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

No gamer has ever complained about having the ability to lifesteal in battle. Enter Soul Link, your ticket to a sweet five percent lifesteal from the damage you dish out. Forget stressing over cranking up your health regen—just go on a killing spree to stay topped up.

This bad boy is a melee maestro’s dream, especially if you’re packing some serious damage. Not feeling the up-close-and-personal vibe? No problem. Take a step back and shoot enemies from a distance with your ranged weapons to patch up your health. The Soul Link is like a trusty sidekick, fitting like a glove into most builds.

Here’s the kicker—it’s a random drop, so you might stumble upon it in various spots. But more often than not, you’ll find the Soul Link in The Withering Weald, The Nameless Nest, Forgotten Field, and The Expanding Glade, all tucked away in Yaesha.

5) Tear of Kaeula

The Tear of Kaeula ring in Remnant 2.
For you relic lovers. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

The Tear of Kaeula is a great choice if you often use relics. This ring increases relic capacity by two, making it one of the best rings in Remnant 2. It’s known that not all relics have many uses, but this ring breaks the rules.

This ring is one that we would specifically recommend you to take for a boss fight because it will give you more chances and advantages against them. Many players save their relic charges for more important fights, but with this ring, they can make an exception and use them more often. The ring is not difficult to find, as it is located in Kaeula’s Rest, which is located in Yaesha. That being said, picking the ring up triggers a cutscene that leads to the Kaeula’s Shadow boss fight, so you’d need to come prepared for that.

Even though the Tear of Kaeula is an amazing ring, you can exchange it with Meidra to obtain the Sorrow hand crossbow. It’s up to you to decide which one is better in the long run; in any case, you’ll want the ring in your hands.

4) Burden of the Departed

The Burden of the Departed ring from Remnant 2
It’s only a burden if you make it one. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

Unlike the previous ring, you’ll not want to be attached to your relics if you want to use this. The Burden of the Departed operates on a bit of a trade-off basis. It shaves off 33 percent of your total relic charges, but you get a nice 10 percent damage boost across the board.

The Burden of the Divine is a ring that co-op players practically glue to their fingers, and it was a clever move on the game devs’ part to link this Ring to the One True King, seemingly crafted for someone near and dear to him. 

The Burden of the Departed is all about offense, with a hefty price to pay. But let’s be real—with most players being at a certain point in the game when they snag this ring, their relics are probably just gathering dust anyway, so if you’re in the same boat, then equipping this ring should be a win-win for you.

3) Feastmaster’s Signet

The Feastmaster's Signet ring in Remnant 2.
For those Concoction lovers. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

This ring is seriously awesome because it only takes up one ring slot. It can mimic the Prime Perks from level one to five of the Alchemist Archetype and even pile on more goodness. Imagine having up to five Concoctions rocking at once—that is if your Alchemist Archetype is maxed out. 

Bagging this ring during the Great Feast lets you juggle two Concoctions simultaneously. And when you throw in the new Brewmaster’s Cork Amulet from the Awakened King DLC, you’ve got yourself a ridiculous lineup of potent Concoctions all going at the same time.

2) Burden of the Divine

The Burden of the Divine ring in Remnant 2.
Treat yourself, heal yourself. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

When it comes to overpowered Rings in co-op, there’s not much out there that beats the Burden of the Divine. That said, the Burden of the Divine Ring is impressive even in single-player, at least on a couple of very specific builds. 

With this ring equipped, incoming damage is reduced by 10 percent, and 50 percent of all healing (including Health Regen) is applied to allies.

While the description may not make it sound like it, the self-healing that’s shared with this ring also applies to Summons such as the Handler Dog, the Engineer Turret, the Summoner’s Root Minions, or the variety of other allies that come from Weapon Mods like Rootlash or Knight Guard. So, on a Summon build, a pure health-regen build, or a build focused around the Sorrow Hand Gun, this Ring has a massive impact.

Burden of the Divine can be obtained in Losomn, either near the Meridian Hand Gun or in Tiller’s Rest.

1) Black Cat Band 

The Black Cat Band in Remnant 2
You’ve potentially got even more than nine lives. Image via Remnant 2 Wiki

There are tons of badass-looking accessories in Remnant 2, and the Black Cat Band is evidently not one of them. Don’t let its looks fool you, though, as this is arguably the most useful ring you can get your hands on in the game.

Whether you’re rocking a humble Medic or flexing as a powerhouse Engineer, every character build stands to gain big-time from this ring. The Black Cat Band is like a safety net against the Grim Reaper himself. When you’re about to bite the dust, this band steps in, slapping your health back to one and giving you a sweet 25 percent boost in speed for a solid 10 seconds—just enough time to make a clean getaway. And the best part? You can trigger this lifesaver every two minutes.

This bad boy isn’t just handy for dodging big boss beatdowns; it’s the key to unlocking one of Remnant 2’s undercover Archetypes—the Archon.

But here’s the catch: to snag the ultimate ring in all of Remnant 2, you gotta kick the bucket a few times. The Black Cat Band stays locked until you’ve faced death at least 15 times. After that 15th demise, swing by Reggie’s joint in Ward 13. Lo and behold, the Black Cat Band will magically appear in his shop inventory, ready to dish out a handful of extra lives.

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