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With new releases such as Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC comes a whole bunch of new content, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a hardcore completionist too.

And a completionist’s soul can’t be satisfied without achieving every single ending possible in a video game, and we’re going to show you just how to do that for The Awakened King in Remnant 2.

Warning: Spoilers for The Awakened King ahead.

How to unlock all possible endings and their rewards in Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC

Kill the One True King

The One True King towers over the player.
A decisive decision. Image via Gunfire Games

Many players will opt to simply kill the One True King. You can achieve this ending by doing the following.

In the Chamber of the Faithless, choose the dialogue option “Sounds like a lot of hassle, let’s fight.” During the boss fight, be careful of his quick melee attacks, deadly fire breath, and self-healing ability. 

This fight will result in the One True King finally dying and the goddess Nimue being able to restore peace to the lands. Upon defeating the One True King, you will receive one of two materials, depending on whether you destroyed his hammer during the battle, as well as a valuable jewel.


  • Agony Spike (normal reward for killing the One True King)
    • The Monarch Long Gun is a weapon that can be created by turning the Agony Spike into Ava McCabe at Ward 13. It fires homing harpoon shots and gives a buff that increases damage and grants infinite ammo.
  • Tormented Pommel (reward for destroying the One True King’s hammer before killing him)
    • You can turn the Tormented Pummel into the Wrathbringer melee weapon at Ward 13 by giving it to Ava McCabe. The Wrathbringer increases melee damage for a short time when you take damage, and the effect can be stacked.
  • Jewel of the Beholden Ring (rewarded when speaking to Nimue after killing the One True King)
    • After using your Relic, your Mods will deal 15 percent more damage for 10 seconds.

Kill Nimue

Nimue gazes at the camera with her signature stare.
Barely a fight. Image via Gunfire Games

If you act according to the One True King’s will, you must make your way to Nimue in her tower and kill her. 

She will surrender and let you execute her without a struggle before you can return to the King himself. He will be grateful to you for killing Nimue, but will also come to the conclusion that you need to die anyway, seeing as you could kill him just like you killed the goddess. The rewards that you can acquire for killing him remain the same, except for the Jewel of the Beholden, which is swapped out for the following item:

  • Broken Heart Relic (reward for killing Nimue)
    • Double use speed in relation to other relics. When used, it sets your current health to 50 percent of your maximum health.

If you choose to spare Nimue, however, you will receive a quest item called Nimue’s Vow. Return to the One True King, defeat him in battle, and the item will transform into Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow.

Now, return to Nimue and give her the quest item to receive the Gift of the Unbound, an amulet. When equipped, it allows you to target the vulnerable points of enemies while also providing a +10 percent critical hit chance and a +20 percent critical hit damage bonus.

Putting a New King in Power (secret ending)

The Red Prince poses menacingly.
Anything but a trivial affair. Image via Gunfire Games

This ending is, in a sense, a follow-up to the first one. To obtain it, you must first slay the One True King and then go to the Gilded Chambers side location. If the Gilded Chambers did not spawn, you will need to reroll the Adventure Mode level. 

After that, proceed with the alternate method of killing the Red Prince. This entails obtaining three coins from three Royal Fae Guards before speaking with him. After you are done, go back to the throne room of the One True King, where you will find the Red Prince with Leywise. The Red Prince will give you the Crimson Shroud armor set when you speak to him. The armor set will provide you with the following armor and weight values when you equip it:

  • Crimson Guard Shroud – 15.6 Armor, 6.7 Weight
  • Crimson Guard Plate – 60.8 Armor, 26.8 Weight
  • Crimson Guard Sabatons – 30.4 Armor, 13.4 Weight
  • Crimson Guard Gauntlets – 15.2 Armor, 6.7 Weight

The full set of armor provides 122 armor points and weighs 53.6 units to the wearer, giving it a spot in the Heavy Weight category. This results in a 50 percent stamina cost penalty and significantly reduces your movement speed.


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