Ying’s Byte Operator Set is Siege’s latest Twitch Prime reward

Players will have a month to get the third part of the Byte Operator sets.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Twitch Prime reward for this month is aimed at Ying players.

Ying’s Prime set contains a series of cosmetics for the SDU operator, including a full-body uniform and a weapon skin. It should be live on Twitch until early August.

Ying’s new uniform dresses the character in a black tactical suit with white accents and matching headgear. Her T-95 LSW also got a matching skin. To close the set, players will get Ying’s Symbol as a unique gun charm, also in the same color palette.

Ying’s set is the third in Siege‘s latest batch of Twitch Prime rewards, which offered full matching sets for Zofia in May and Lesion in June. The Byte Operator sets contain a similar uniform and headgear, as well as a matching skin for the operators’ signature weapons and a stylized gun charm that shows their Siege insignia.

Siege‘s earlier Twitch Prime rewards for 2020 included less tactical sets for Twitch, Maestro, and Mozzie. The first two operators got a new skin with a camouflage pattern, while Mozzie was infamously turned into a “Mozzie-arella Pizza.”

Ubisoft should announce the next batch of Prime rewards over the course of July and the new sets should start pouring in after August. To redeem them, players must have a valid Twitch Prime subscription through Amazon, then link their Twitch account with their Uplay account.