Siege’s latest Twitch Prime skin turns Mozzie into a pizza

Yes, you read that right.

Image via Ubisoft

Humanity’s love for pizza has inspired a handful of whimsical manifestations of devotion, such as a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band with Macaulay Culkin. Rainbow Six Siege is the latest to join in on the tradition of honoring the dish in an unusual—and slightly unsettling—way.

Siege’s latest Twitch Prime set turns Mozzie into a walking, gun-wielding mozzarella pizza, complete with cheese and extra crust. The Mozzie-arella set contains a uniform, a headgear, a charm, and a weapon skin—and they all share a common culinary theme.

The Pepperoni Cheese uniform dresses the operator in a red and yellow outfit complete with a pepperoni pattern. His Commando 9 gets a skin styled after pizza as well, with the top of the weapon displaying more pepperoni and the rest of the gun dyed in the typical light brown color of pizza crust.

The headgear adds the finishing touches by turning Mozzie’s face into a googly-eyed pizza with a pair of overly large sunglasses and a crown. The set also has a chibi weapon charm that represents Mozzie’s new pizza alter ego.

The humorous theme in each of the cosmetics is uncharacteristic for Siege’s fast-paced, tactical gameplay. The two previous Twitch Prime sets, for instance, contained camouflaged recolors for Twitch and Maestro.

Players have until April 24 to redeem Mozzie’s set. To claim the set, fans must link their Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts, then link the Twitch Prime account with their Ubisoft account. Once both have been linked, the rewards should be available in-game.