Y4S2 R6 operators fully revealed in Test Server leak

Too bad Nøkk wasn't in charge of the reveal.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The loadouts and abilities of both Y4S2 R6 operators have been fully revealed due to a Test Server leak that includes Warden and Nøkk. This major leak directly follows the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account revealing and redacting a teaser for the new defender earlier today.

All of the information regarding both operators is visible in the image posted on Twitter. Loadouts and abilities are no longer a mystery as the post reveals everything fans have been wondering about since the leaks from March.

Nøkk will have access to the FMG-9 SMG and SIX 12 SD shotgun—both of which are already in use by Smoke and Ying, respectively. For her sidearms, players can choose from the 5.7 USG, used by the FBI, or the D-50, used by the Navy Seals. For utility, Nøkk players can choose between a claymore mine or a breach charge.


The leaked image also confirms that Nøkk’s HEL Presence Reduction will allow her to be invisible to cameras and give her an ability similar to Cav’s Silent Step. To seemingly balance out the inherent overpowered nature of these abilities being used in tandem, the devs have made Nøkk a two-armor, two-speed operator.

For Warden’s primaries, players will choose from the M59OA1 shotgun and the MPX SMG, which are also previously used by the SAS and Navy Seals in Siege, respectively. Warden will have access to the P-10C handgun and the SMG-12. The P10C is already used by Clash, and the SMG-12 is used by Dokkaebi and Vigil. Warden will also have access to a deployable shield and barbed wire for his utility options.

The defender’s ability is exactly what the March leaks claimed. Warden’s Glance Smart Glasses will make the defender immune to smokes and flashes, but at a cost. The ability is only active when the player is standing still, according to the leaked image. Having to stand still to see through smoke falls in line with Glaz’s upcoming nerf that only triggers his thermal scope when standing still. Warden will be a three-armor, one-speed operator, which makes sense given that his ability is better suited for an anchor position.

This likely isn’t the way Ubisoft wanted the reveals to go down, but accidentally making both new operators visible on the Test Server is a pretty big oversight. For fans who are disappointed by the leaks today, there will still be plenty of information revealed during the Milan Finals on May 19. After all, there’s still a map rework that has yet to be leaked.