New R6 defender revealed in a since-deleted tweet

McKinley, Colinn McKinley

Image via Ubisoft

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account revealed the teaser for the Y4S2 defender earlier today. The post was almost immediately taken down, however, which means the teaser was probably mistakenly released ahead of schedule.

The defender is named Collinn “Warden” McKinley, according to the post. Once again, the leaks from March prove to be reliable given the operator’s name. The teaser is reminiscent of a James Bond movie opening, with bright colors and a kaleidoscopic aesthetic. Even the music in the teaser sounded like a Bond movie introduction.

Aside from the kitschy aesthetic, the teaser shows off a full-body shot of the operator walking toward the camera. This shot also provides fans with their first look at Warden’s loadout. Warden will at least have access to the same MPX as Valkyrie, and the glasses he’s wearing are almost certainly his gadget.

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With so much emphasis on the color blue in the teaser and Warden’s glasses also being blue, it’s fair to say that the leaks surrounding his ability are accurate. If Warden can see through smokes and flashes, then players will have a direct counter to Glaz and Ying. Both of those attackers would finally have hard counters and the action of planting the defuser will be much more difficult with Warden around.

Based on what’s been officially released so far, it seems like Y4S2 will be a game-changer in many different ways. There will be more information on Operation Phantom Sight on May 19 during the Milan Finals.