New R6 operator teaser confirms leaks and Operation Phantom Sight

Nøkk comes lurking.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter gave fans an up-close look at the new attacking operator Nøkk today. On Monday, a cryptic teaser showed a cryptic look at both operators, but today’s teaser confirms quite a few leaked details.

There is an abundance of information in the newly released trailer. Not only does the teaser reveal that the attacker’s name is officially Nøkk but it also gives us confirmation on the attacker’s ability—or at least one of them. The teaser shows Nøkk stealthily making her way through what appears to be a subway tunnel, but slipping in and out of view via a distortion effect similar to Vigil’s cloaking ability.

While the leaks speculated that Nøkk’s ability would mirror Vigil’s, they have also suggested that there may be a secondary ability similar to Cav’s Silent Step—an ability that makes Cav almost impossible to hear coming. The teaser may actually be hinting at the inclusion of a Cav-like ability when Nøkk is seen eerily shushing the camera at the end. Ubisoft normally doesn’t include needless details in these types of teasers, so it’s a safe bet that the ending is indicative of a trait or ability relating to Nøkk.

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The teaser also reveals the name of the Y4S2 as Operation Phantom Sight. While operation names don’t always directly relate to the operators released, it’s hard not to read into the name for Y4S2. Operation Phantom Sight almost directly addresses both operators’ abilities. With Nøkk’s phantom-like appearance and ability, it’s easy to connect the dots, but with the potential of Warden’s leaked ability becoming a reality, the word “sight” would directly connect him to the operation name as well. If true, Warden’s ability would make him immune to flashes and smokes via a head-worn apparatus, like the glasses he is seen wearing in the teaser from Monday.

Given that there was nothing revealed yesterday, it’s expected that the Warden teaser will drop on Friday to space out the week leading up to the official reveal. The full reveal takes place in just a few days on May 19 at the Milan finals.