When is the release window for Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shifting Tides?

The upcoming Test Server period is our biggest hint.

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Shifting Tides is the newest season of content coming to Rainbow Six Siege. And while the release date is still unknown, we have a pretty good idea of when fans can expect a full release. 

Looking at past seasons, fans will notice that there’s normally a full season reveal at a major LAN event that’s followed by a Test Server (TS) period. These Test Server periods can vary but generally last within the three-week range. For instance, Operation Ember Rise ramped up the TS on Aug. 19 and the season had a full release of Sept. 9.

The TS period for this upcoming season should begin on Nov. 11 following the close of the Pro League Finals and run for three weeks. Operation Shifting Tides should see a full release in the first week of December. Since Ubisoft has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to prevent issues like DDoSing, this season should see a much less turbulent release.

A full reveal for Operation Shifting Tides is right around the corner. Ubisoft has set aside a chunk of time during the season 10 Pro League Finals in Tokoname, Japan for a production panel. The panel will go over everything new hitting Siege with the launch of Operation Shifting Tides. 

Ubisoft released a gadget teaser this morning that revealed a great deal of information about the new operators coming to Siege with Operation Shifting Tides. The teaser serves as the latest details regarding the new season and also helped to clarify some of last week’s leaks.

Fans looking to catch the official release date announcement along with a full reveal of Operation Shifting Tides can watch the official stream here on Nov. 10 during the closing day of the Pro League Japan Finals. 

Update Dec. 2 2:53pm CT: Ubisoft announced that Operation Shifting Tides will officially be released on Tuesday, Dec. 2.