Ubisoft teases Operation Ember Rise, confirms leaks

Operation Ember Rise surprisingly remains a bit of a mystery.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Operation Ember Rise has been confirmed for Rainbow Six Siege by Ubisoft. The Y4S3 title doesn’t come as a total surprise as it was leaked this past weekend by the same reliable source that leaked both Operation Burnt Horizon and Phantom Sight. 

Confirmation of this season’s title was inevitable given that the full season reveal should take place during the Six Major Raleigh Finals this Sunday, Aug 18. What continues to come as a surprise is just how accurate this particular source is when it comes to leaking information. 

If the reliable trend holds, then fans have a lot to think about since the leak also alludes to Jäger having some competition. Whether the leak is hinting at a Jäger counter or another operator that can fill Jäger’s role on defense is definitely up for debate, although, it seems that the former would be true. 

In a past leak, there was talk of a defender with a shield that, when broken, would release some kind of fire-based trap. This leak was also seemingly supported in Nøkk’s concept art for Operation Phantom Sight. The scribbling on the blackboard behind the operators below appears to hint at some kind of fire trap. 

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Given the fire trap leak and the evidence to support its existence, the likelihood of seeing another operator like Jäger seems unlikely. The most recent leak is likely referring to another hard counter for Jäger, which would shake things up in a pretty big way. Not having to bring along a Thatcher, or doubling up on ops that can deal with Jäger is sure to make defending more uncomfortable. 

Of course, fans won’t know for sure what is fact and what is fiction until the full operation reveal. Fans can catch the reveal Sunday, Aug. 18 on the official broadcast.

Correction Aug. 14 11:35am CT: The Jäger counter leak discussed in this article pertains to Y4S4 and not Y4S3. The article has been edited to reflect this information. We regret the error.