Ubisoft reveals Operation Void Edge operators, map rework

Fans can look forward to two very unique operators.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft released a video today showcasing the new operators and changes that will be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Void Edge.  

A teaser trailer released earlier this week gave fans a first look at the new operators coming to Siege. Today, a full-length introduction for Operation Void Edge introduced players to the new operators and changes. Players can look forward to the new operators Oryx and Iana, as well as a rework of the map Oregon.

Oryx is a defender whose ability is called Remah Dash. His dash allows him to move faster than any other operator for a short period of time. The dash also allows him to knock down attackers, including attackers using shields such as Montagne.

The ability can also be used to break through barricades and unreinforced walls. Players need to be careful breaking through walls, however, as it does cost 10 points of damage and can knock the operator down if low on health. There is also a delay in weapons pulling up after running through a wall.

Players start off with three dashes that recharge over time. If they break through a wall, all remaining dashes will be used. The dash can be interrupted by other operator gadgets such as Gridlock’s Trax Stingers or Nomad’s airjabers. Oryx’s Remah Dash also allows players to jump through open hatches and either look around or pull themselves up. This ability cannot be used on roof hatches and the hatch must be destroyed.

Iana is the new attacker that has a controllable hologram as her gadget. The hologram looks and sounds like her and can move around the map. The hologram will not trigger defender traps but can be destroyed by Mute jammers or electrified defenses. It takes one shot to destroy the hologram and will not glow red in Maestro’s cameras. Vigil’s cloaking ability will still prevent seeing the operator if used in front of the hologram. Players will be unable to move while using the gadget.

Fans can also look forward to an extensive rework of the map Oregon. The trailer showed a few key changes such as the removal of the exterior door in the dining hall bombsite. The basement also has a new staircase that is an extension of the existing staircase from the dorm area. The attic connector no longer has a ladder leading to the first floor and has a brand-new exterior window that can help defenders.

One of the biggest changes is the new hallway that connects the big tower directly to the kitchen and allows players to avoid the meeting room. The office tower has also been expanded on both floors to allow the defending team more opportunities to stop a push from the attackers.

There will also be a few updates to gameplay such a slight update to barricades and where attacker drones will spawn. Barricades will break more consistently and allow attackers to form strategic viewpoints.

Drones will now spawn on the same side as the attackers first spawn point, which may introduce a meta shift in selecting a new spawn point after the opening thirty seconds of the round. Players will have a slight idea of where enemy players will spawn based on the drones, so players might have to be more strategic with their spawn locations.

The main menu will also receive an update for easier navigation between the different game menus.

The gameplay updates will be available to all players when Operation Void Edge launches. Oryx and Iana will be available at launch for Year Five pass owners and everyone else will be able to purchase them one week later with renown or R6 credits.