Ubisoft re-enables Siege’s M.U.T.E Protocol limited-time mode until Aug. 24 after hotfix for invisibility glitch

Players who logged in between Aug. 4 and 10 will also get a free collection pack.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege fans who missed the M.U.T.E. Protocol limited-time mode can have another go at the mode until Aug. 24, free of exploits this time around. Ubisoft re-enabled the event today after pushing a hotfix for a game-breaking glitch five days after taking the mode out of the rotation.

The company is also offering some rewards to its players to make up for the degradation. Ubisoft will give out a free collection pack to players who logged in between Aug. 4 and 10 and will reset the special Club Challenges for the event.

The M.U.T.E. Protocol limited-time mode lets operators use their gadgets to teleport around the map. Attackers can enter their drones to teleport, while defenders must use their bulletproof cameras to move around the map. The teleportation mechanic gave rise to a severe exploit that allowed operators to become both invisible and invulnerable. Once the glitch arose, players were quick to replicate it.

The now-fixed exploit involved spawning on a specific point and dropping down into a floating billboard. The fall damage would be enough to send an operator into DBNO, and upon being revived, they could toss a drone into a glitchy spot below the map, tricking the game’s logic. Then, players would use another drone to teleport back into action.

The limited-time mode was set to run between Aug. 4 and 17, but Ubisoft disabled the event on its second day. To make up for the suspension, Ubisoft is giving players two weeks to play the limited-time mode, which runs until Aug. 24.

Ubisoft is making good on its promise to extend the event’s special Club Challenges, which reward players with one event pack and a limited-time gun charm. The company said it’d be unable to prolong the duration of the challenges “due to technical limitations,” but will instead reset them tomorrow.