Ubisoft may have leaked Siege’s Year 5 Season 1 weapons

The mistake was seen on the Test Server.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators Kali and Wamai weren’t the only additions to the Test Server this week. Ubisoft may have accidentally gave fans a glimpse into the operator weapons for season five’s first year a few months ahead of its official announcement, according to news website Windows Central.

Browsing non-universal weapon skins in the Test Server showed the icons of the operators that can use those weapons. Some of them were displayed alongside a cryptic icon labeled “Y5S1 ATK” or “Y5S1 DEF,” referring to the operators coming with next year’s first expansion. While Ubisoft still hasn’t officially released any information on the characters, searching the roster enables players to deduct what weapons each of them could use.

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The operators might get some recycled weapons. The attacker could have the choice between Ash’s G36C and Nomad’s ARX200 as a primary firearm while carrying the MK1 9mm pistol. The defender will possibly carry an MP5 or a SPAS-12 and might be able to opt between the reliable USP-40 or the heavy-hitting Bailiff 410 used by Maestro and Alibi as their sidearm.

Even though next year’s operators are bound to remain a mystery for some time, Kali and Wamai’s kits have been fully revealed and are available for testing. The attacker, Kali, will carry a beastly CSRX-3000 bolt-action sniper rifle, which will down players in a single body shot. Her gadget is an LV Explosive lance, which can pierce reinforced walls and destroy gadgets like Bandit’s generators.

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Wamai’s gadget is reminiscent of Jäger’s and serves a similar purpose: interfering with grenades in its active radius. Unlike Jäger’s Magpie, however, Wamai’s Mag-nets don’t deny the detonation, but change its trajectory and delay to foil the attackers’ plans.