Ubisoft makes some changes to the Reverse Friendly Fire system for the R6 Y4S3.1 Patch

Hostages are now fireproof.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest patch will address some of the issues surrounding one of the newest operators to join the game’s roster, as well as another change to the Reverse Friendly Fire system when it comes to squads.

Hostages are no longer affected by fire, whether it’s from Goyo’s Volcán Shields or Capitão’s Asphyxiating Bolts. This is to “prevent incidences of team griefing towards Goyo under the RFF system,” which was a big problem due to some players inadvertently attacking their teammates.

Additionally, Ubisoft has expanded the RFF system to squads. If players of the same squad damage or team kill other teammates, RFF will be activated for every single person on that squad. The game’s developers have been very active in preventing griefing and this should help a lot.

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Ubisoft doesn’t have a fix for the multiple crashing issues that PC and Xbox One players have been experiencing lately, but it’s working on a fix and will update the community when there’s more news on the problem.

There were also a variety of level design bugs that were ironed out, as well as some gameplay bugs that were fixed in this patch. This update should be available for PC players today (Thursday, Sept. 19), while console users will need to wait a bit for their patch dates, which will be coming soon.