Here are the top NA division storylines heading into the second half of R6 Pro League season 10

The second half of season 10 of the Pro League is going to get weird.

Image via Ubisoft

The first half of season 10 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League was a mixed bag from the North American division in terms of results. Heading into the second half of the season, though, the NA division has undergone some massive roster and staffing moves that are worth keeping an eye on. 

After an unsuccessful showing at the Six Major Raleigh last month, it looks like the “NA Shuffle” has finally become a reality. Of the five invited NA teams, none of them made it to the final on home soil. While this may not be the sole reason for the NA Shuffle, it sure didn’t aid in keeping players and coaches in their positions.

Here are the top storylines to watch in the second half of season 10 of the Rainbow Six Pro League. 

Gotcha and Sam Jarvis could add stability to TSM 

Ex-Evil Geniuses coach Aaron “Gotcha” Chung was a powerful presence in the organization for nearly 10 months before announcing his departure last week. Now, Gotcha will fill a vacant coaching role on TSM. Likewise, Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas’ role will be filled by ex-DarkZero veteran Sam Jarvis. 

These moves are extremely exciting for TSM fans. They’ve had an underwhelming season 10 so far and haven’t shown any promise in the league. The squad’s sole victory came against Soniqs, who are tied with TSM at the bottom of the division.

LAN is another story for TSM, however. The team pushed all the way through the NA qualifiers onto the main stage of the Six Major Raleigh, where they progressed to the quarterfinals. The only other NA team to make it to the quarterfinals was Spacestation Gaming, who were also ousted before the semifinals. 

The addition of another veteran player like Sam Jarvis should add some stability to the roster. Filling b1ologic’s role won’t be easy, but if there’s a person ready to do it, it’ll be Jarvis. And Gotcha’s presence as a coach should also help stabilize the TSM roster. 

The reason behind TSM’s underperformance isn’t the roster—it’s stacked with talent. It’s cohesion. Gotcha coached EG to the season nine Pro League Finals and has a lot of talent to work with on TSM. 

Canadian joining Spacestation Gaming could create a new empire

Perhaps the most painful move of the NA Shuffle for EG fans was the transfer of Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski to Spacestaion Gaming. Canadian, even more than Gotcha, is synonymous with Evil Geniuses. As Canadian pointed out in his heartfelt TwitLonger post, he’d been a part of the core of the roster for more than three years. 

Canadian’s departure from EG roster is intriguing. After so many years playing with the same squad, it’s unclear how Canadian will adjust to playing with SSG. There’s no doubt that Canadian is a great player, but there’s no way to know how he’ll perform alongside a new squad. 

Draws in the Pro League only leave points on the table for both teams and SSG have been notorious for drawing during the regular season, so maybe the addition of Canadian can help them get some wins. And if Canadian can gel well with the SSG roster, there could be no stopping SSG in the second half of season 10. 

Soniqs may see a revival with Slebben and Gomfi

Soniqs, similar to TSM, have had a tough time in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. Both squads have been at the bottom of the NA division since the start of season 10. With just one win, Soniqs made the decision to drop John “Avian” Ackerly and Jason “GhxsT” Luu for Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund and Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere.

The decision seemed odd at the time considering that Avian was a top-earner for Soniqs before his departure. Having finally confirmed fans’ suspicions on the inclusion of SlebbeN and Gomfi, the Avian move makes more sense. Clearing room for this dynamic duo was no easy task but the two players have proven to be a fantastic unit. 

With SlebbeN and Gomfi picking up the slack, Soniqs may be able to have a renaissance of sorts in the second half of season 10 of the Pro League. The two players are familiar with top-tier competition coming from the EU division and could be Soniqs’ answer to DarkZero Esports’ Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis, who’s become an overall top-earner in the North American division.

Ranger leaving Rogue could launch the team into a new era of success

Rogue have seemingly fallen out of favor with North American division fans after two-straight mediocre seasons. For a team that’s been such a powerhouse in the past, it looked like the esport was surpassing them in some way. Rogue qualified for the Rainbow Six US Nationals earlier this year but disappointingly exited the Six Major Raleigh in the group stage. 

Following a lackluster season nine and 10 performance, Rogue has parted ways with longtime coach Tristan “Ranger” Pehrson. Although Ranger helped guide the team to a DreamHack Valencia 2019 title and an R6 USN 2018 title, the team’s been inconsistent between wins. 

Season 10 has seen Rogue draw four times in just seven days of play. The organization is undoubtedly used to better results and it’ll be looking for those results with the addition of Reaper to the coaching staff. Reaper joined Rogue as an analyst in May and will step into the role left vacant by Ranger. Ranger hasn’t made a statement regarding this change.

Going forward, it looks like Rogue have a shot at reinvigoration. The effect that this coaching move will have on the roster will be a storyline to watch as the season progresses.

Season 10 of the Rainbow SixSiege Pro League resumes on Sept. 16 with the EU and NA divisions. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.