Six Invitational reportedly not happening on announced dates, both delay and cancellation on the table


Screengrab via Ubisoft

The Six Invitational won’t be commencing on Feb. 9, according to a report by Luiz Queiroga of

Dot Esports can confirm the report that the Six Invitational will be suspended. It’s unknown whether the event is merely postponed or outright canceled, however.

This news comes on the heels of a tumultuous week in France where the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational is expected to be held. France has banned all “non-essential” travel from non-EU countries, which would prevent 12 of the 19 invited teams from entering the country.

Ubisoft has been working with “the health and safety agency ACEPS, the medical assistance agency ISMA and the French Government” to try to make the event happen on time.

It wasn’t disclosed whether the event would be delayed or canceled outright. But according to sources with knowledge of the situation, it could go either way.

The Six Invitational is Rainbow Six Siege‘s biggest event by far. Held yearly, it’s also partially a celebration of the Rainbow Six community and is celebrated with in-game events, purchasable skins, and the release of roadmaps for the next year’s content.

This year’s format differs heavily from previous years. Twenty teams were invited instead of 16 and they were split into two groups instead of four.

Ubisoft will be talking to the teams and determining what it thinks is feasible in terms of making the Invitational happen, according to sources.

North America is reportedly starting the second season of the North American League on March 22, with a quarantine period beginning March 8. The start date of the other leagues is unknown.