Six Invitational 2020 cinematic leak showcases the competitive spirit of Rainbow Six

A new trailer has leaked ahead of the Six Invitational 2020.

Image via Ubisoft

An extended look at the Six Invitational 2020 event cinematic has leaked. Unfortunately, it has no sound. The cinematic leak also comes after the Year Five Pass leak earlier today. 

Fans have known that an in-game event would be coming alongside the Six Invitational 2020 since there had been several leaks in recent months. From a leaked Stadium map to leaked operator skins, there has been a substantial and steady stream of information coming down the Reddit pipeline.  

Now, an extended clip of the Six Invitational cinematic has leaked and there’s quite a bit going on within the cinematic. The opening shot of the video is something fans had briefly seen before. Thatcher, Hibana, and presumably Cav walk down the attacker-branded corridor dawning outfits that represent their country of origin and their respective Counter Terror Units. Fans can then see what appears to be a close-up shot of Blitz working on his shield followed by Thermite taping up his hands in the locker room. 

Things get a bit more interesting when looking in the background of the Thermite shot. Each individual locker space is unique. Fans can see Dokkaebi, Doc, and what appears to be Bandit’s armor, although, Mira’s Vector is hanging in this locker. There’s also another operator sitting beside Thermite just out of frame. The mystery operator looks a bit like Amaru based on the hair alone. 

The next shot is of Cav, Doc, Mira, Pulse, and Mozzie all getting in the team spirit. Funnily enough, this is probably the first time Mozzie’s small stature is truly highlighted. What follows appears to be some sort of track and field competition for Tier One operators. Thatcher appears to be doing a sprint race through Smoke’s toxic gas while Hibana is running through a firing range taking down targets. Ubisoft has been known to make some killer cinematics but not allow players to engage in certain activities shown. 

Hopefully, fans will be able to partake in some friendly competition as shown in the cinematic. The overall feel of the cinematic frames team Rainbow as having somewhat celebrity status. The way the operators carry themselves and the fact that these Six Invitational games apparently take place on the previously leaked Stadium map would indicate some kind of celebrity status similar to the heroes of Overwatch. The cinematic closes out with Dokkaebi looking into the camera as she walks side by side with Sledge and Thatcher, which looks like a funny nod to “The Hammer and The Scalpel” cinematic that featured Thatcher and Dokkaebi at odds. 

While there’s no sound in the leaked cinematic, there’s plenty for fans to sink their teeth into. With any luck, this is just the beginning of what Ubisoft has in store for fans during the Six Invitational 2020 event. 

The Six Invitational 2020 runs Feb. 7-16 in Greater Montreal. Ticketing and event information can be found here.