Rainbow Six Siege Y4S4 operation name revealed

Cryptic, to say the least.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The newest season of Rainbow Six Siege finally has a name ahead of the Japan Finals, which seemingly guarantees a full reveal this weekend. 

Ubisoft dropped a brief teaser revealing the name of Y4S4 to be Operation Shifting Tides. Aside from the name, fans don’t have too much to go on, though. The logo on what appears to be some sort of helipad or maybe the top of a building is of interest. But it’s an odd teaser since there’s no new map and seemingly no real reference to the Kenyan and Indian operators. 

Leaks popped up last week that gave some insight into the new operator’s abilities, but neither of them seem to have much to do with the theme of water. This has led some fans to believe that the name “Shifting Tides” is meant as a reference to the game at large. There’s really not much proof to support this theory, but it’s definitely a fun one to entertain considering the caption for the post is “The waves of change are on the horizon.”

Operation Shifting Tides will feature Kenyan and Indian operators, but there won’t be a new map. Instead, the developers have been completely overhauling Theme Park. Last season’s rework of Kanal is probably the best thing to come out of Operation Ember Rise, so Theme Park should be a quality map if the trend of stellar reworks continues. 

No official release date has been announced, but with the Japan Finals taking place this weekend, fans are sure to get a big reveal of some kind. The Japan Finals take place in Tokoname, Japan from Nov. 9 to 10. Fans can catch the official stream here