Rainbow Six Siege leak previews new Elite Tachanka skin

The iconic operator is getting a new look.

Image via Ubisoft

It’s a good day for Tachanka fans. The iconic Rainbow Six Siege operator appears to be receiving an Elite skin alongside his rework later this year, according to a recent leak. 

Tachanka is a popular operator that has a confirmed rework coming later in Year Five. The update will improve the struggling character by replacing his gadget with an incendiary grenade launcher. His stationary turret is not being removed, however, and is instead being moved to his primary weapon slot. 

Fans can also expect a new Elite skin for the operator just in time for his rework. The leaked skin shows Tachanka shirtless but still equipped with his iconic helmet. Tachanka has a large chest tattoo and a smaller tattoo on his right bicep. 

The leaked image does not show his full body, but Tachanka appears to be wearing tan cargo pants with various tools and ammo strapped to his legs. He also has black fingerless gloves and forearms which appear to be covered in dirt. 

The lighter look is perfect for Tachanka as his rework is meant to make him more mobile and less of an easy target for quick attackers.

Tachanka is just the first operator to receive a rework. Ubisoft opted to release less operators in Year Five in favor of releasing reworked operators who will be more effective and balanced. Fans can expect the reworked Tachanka and two other new operators later this year.