Rainbow Six Siege clone shuts down servers in response to Ubisoft complaint

The mobile title has been removed from all stores.

Image via Ubisoft

Area F2, a Rainbow Six Siege clone, is closing its servers after Ubisoft filed a complaint against Apple and Google last week.

Ubisoft claimed that Area F2 was a “near carbon copy” of Siege and that the game copied the interface, operator selection screen, and the final scoreboard from the popular title. The clear similarities led Ubisoft to notify Apple and Google about the issue, but both companies reportedly refused to remove the game from their stores.

Ubisoft filed a complaint in a federal court last week in response to the issue, which finally caught the attention of the parties involved. Area F2 shut down its servers this morning and will be issuing refunds for players who have made transactions in the game.

The situation has received mixed responses from the community, though. The game was a clear copy of Rainbow Six Siege but on a mobile platform. This shows that there’s a gap in the mobile market for a shooter with similar gameplay to the popular first-person shooter.

Some fans have asked why Ubisoft hasn’t made a mobile version of Siege since there’s clearly an audience that would enjoy it. Other popular games, such as PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile, have been successful with their mobile titles, so it’s not uncharted territory.

Regardless, Area F2 is no longer available to download or play. If you made in-game purchases, make sure to take the necessary steps to receive a refund.