Rainbow Six Siege breaks 200,000 concurrent players on Steam

The game got a big boost from its new content and a free weekend.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege launched in April 2015 and has gone through some serious rough patches, but the game continues to see massive success, having just surpassed its all-time active player record on Steam. 

Siege peaked at 201,053 concurrent players earlier today, according to Valve’s internal Steam stat tracker, shattering the game’s previous record.

This new peak marks another month of growth for Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, with Siege’s player base fluctuating heavily over the last 10 months. The game has maintained a strong presence online, averaging over 55,000 players per month since December 2017, according to Steam Charts

March 2020 was the game’s best month in terms of players, marking its highest average player count event at 119,877 monthly users and setting its previous all-time peak of 198,567 players. Since then, Siege has dropped back to its usual numbers, averaging between 62,000 and 75,000 players, with a few oddities peaking above or below that threshold. 

This massive jump in players almost certainly happened because Siege is currently having a free-to-play weekend to celebrate the launch of its new Crimson Heist Operation. This means players on console and PC can download and play the game at no charge until March 25, with the game also being discounted on all storefronts to incentivize players to keep playing Siege

It also helps that the game has continued to have top players and streamers making Siege content, with KingGeorge, JERICHO, and several others keeping the game at around 26,114 average viewers on Twitch over the last three months.