Queue-sniping protection feature to debut in R6 Patch Y6S1.1

The mode will hit the live servers soon.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

“Streamer Mode” in Rainbow Six Siege premiered during the Y6S1 test server and was met with criticism from players for only covering client-side interactions.

Luckily for those who get stream-sniped constantly, Ubisoft said today that “Stream Sniping development will continue until it meets the expectations of our players and streamers.” In addition, features to help stop queue-sniping will ship to the live build quickly in Patch Y6S1.1.

The mode will be updated based on player and streamer feedback.

Streamer Mode was never intended to launch with Patch Y6S1, which shipped today. It was always set to drop later on in the season. Streamer Mode holistically will be postponed until it can meet the standards of players and streamers, according to the rest of the Twitter thread.

A queue-sniping protection mode that will hide latency and region will ship in Y6S1.1. In addition, the mode will set a random matchmaking delay, making it exponentially more difficult for stream snipers to make their way into streamers’ games.

Stream-sniping isn’t the biggest problem in Rainbow Six but it can be a massive problem over time if left unchecked. Streaming is essentially free advertising for the game, and if a streamer isn’t having fun playing a game, their audience won’t want to play it. Having visible, large streamers playing your game is essential to keeping it alive long after its launch date.

As Rainbow Six Siege enters Year Six, a feature like Streamer Mode is a long time coming.