PSA: Free weekend of Rainbow Six Siege incoming

Preparing to breach.

Image via steamXO

Ubisoft is hosting a free weekend of Rainbow Six Siege ahead of the launch of Operation Shifting Tides. 

The free weekend kicks off Thursday, Nov. 21 and runs through Nov. 24. During the free weekend, everything is available to new players, according to the official page.

While the official site shows artwork of the Operation Shifting Tides operators, newcomers should be aware that these operators are not available in the main game yet and will not be a part of the free weekend.

Fans on all platforms can still enjoy the truckload of content Siege has to offer with the free weekend coming to Xbox, PS4, and PC. It’s unclear if new PC players will be able to access the Test Server, which is where the new ops are currently relegated to for testing. 

A common concern with free weekends like this one is if payers will get to keep their progress if they choose to purchase the full game after the free period concludes. Ubisoft allows players to transfer over their data into the full game should they purchase the full game. Fans can pick up the full game for an undisclosed discounted price from Nov. 21 to Dec. 2 on their platform of choice. 

For details on how and where to download Siege for the free weekend, fans can visit the official site here.

The free weekend also takes place alongside the newly announced Money HeistRainbow Six Siege crossover event that runs from tomorrow, Nov. 20, to Nov. 25. The event features two unique bundles inspired by the Netflix original and a slightly tweaked hostage game mode on Bank.